India’s Radioactive E-Waste Scare

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Where does that old cell phone or iPad go?

What happened:
Seven people were hospitalized in Mayapuri, India in one of the most alarming cases of radiation exposure in years. The radioactivity was found in e-waste that was cheaply imported to meet growing demands metal.

Why its important:
India, China, and other countries are importing waste from other developed countries, such as the United State. This growing amount of e-waste can be used cheaply for scrap metal to meet rising demands. There’s little to no monitoring for radioactive metals, and Cobalt 60, a radioactive isotope, was discovered in the junk shops in Mayapuri too late, with seven people now hospitalized.

Global Whisper’s Take:
With individuals discarding cell phones every 1-2 years, along with laptops, appliances, monitors, televisions, the thirst for having the latest is taking its toll. E-waste is everywhere, and lesser developed countries are paying the price.

What you can do:
Take the time to find recycling centers for your ‘out dated’ cell phone, iPad, mp3 player or laptop. Ask yourself, is this device really not meeting my needs? Try to buy and sell used products, or donate whatever you don’t need. The habit of viewing everything as disposable and suitable for a landfill is dangerous, as we’ve seen here.

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