Gaddafi’s Intentions Towards Italian Town Questioned

Gaddafi and Berlusconi

Italian town captures leader's heart, but why?

According to reports, Libya’s resident madman, Mummar Gaddafi, has discovered valuable mineral wealth in the hills near Italian town Antrodoco. Gaddafi had a brief stopover in the town while traveling to Italy for the G8 summit.

Antrodoco is s small village, of about 2,800 people. Apparently, Gaddafi was initially taken aback by their hospitality and warmth, he ended up spending several days there. “You have entered my heart and I won’t forget you.”

Mummar Gaddafi

Mummar Gaddafi

Gaddafi and Antrodoco’s current mayor Paolo Mannetti, spent several nights locked in deep discussion. Paolo showed Gaddafi areas of the town that have come under disrepair. “Unemployment has hit us hard here,” said Paolo “We have beautiful mountains and forests, yet no tourists comes. The people here work hard, but its not like it used to be.”

Initial reports painted Gaddafi as the ‘eccentric’ leader who had recently ‘adopted’ the charming Italian town, promising to help convert the historic plaza into a luxury hotel, and providing seed money for a spring water bottle business.

In the following weeks, however, several envoys were sent to the small town by Gaddafi. One such group included not only Libya’s ambassador to Rome, but also several excavation and mining specialists, as was discovered when the group was found surveying the hillside to the north-east of the town. An insider claims that Gaddafi and Paolo have struck a backdoor deal, giving area mineral rights to Gaddafi and bypassing the Italian government, where Antrodoco would receive seed money to start their spring water business and develop a luxury hotel to attract tourism.

several excavation and mining specialists were discovered surveying the hillside to the north-east of the town.

Gaddafi seeks Antrodoco

Antrodoco mountains to be exploited for minerals?

Relations between Gaddafi and Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi have apparently taken a sour turn after Berlusconi engaged in ‘flirtatious behavior’ with one of Gaddafi’s trained all-female security detail, during a recent visit. Par for the course for Berlsconi, but Italy should be wary of doing business with a man who once called for the abolishment of Switzerland. A foothold in Antrodoco, with possible scorched earth mining venture in the once pristine area could lead to messier relations between Libya and Italy down the line. Gaddafi may be a madman, but Berlsconi would do well to stop chasing skirt, and keep an eye on what’s going on right in Italy’s own countryside.

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