Greek Islands For Sale in Bid to Save Economy

Greek Islands for Sale

Have you considered the benefits of private island ownership?

With Greece’s economy in shambles, the government is turning to one of the few natural resources it has, the land. The Greek Isles are comprised of some 6,000 islands, of which only 227 are inhabited.

Now, many of these areas, including areas previously protected by the government are seeking potential buyers, to help ease the cash-strapped Greek government.

“You can feed hot dogs to the nurse sharks in the Exumas – but it’s best to not swim when doing it.” – J. Depp

Areas of Mykonos are up for sale, including many more completely isolated islands. The the government is ideally shopping for a buyer that might develop certain area and encourage tourism.

Kite Surfing Naked

Kite surfing naked is just one of many perks

It seems there’s never been a better time to join the ranks of Sir Richard Branson, Johhny Depp or the billionaire Barclay Brothers in private island ownership. Many of the islands might even be considered a deal – some are so small they have been labeled ’standing room only.’

Greece’s hand has been forced after accepting the €110bn bailout from the EU and IMF (International Monetary Fund). Amidst bankruptcy and riots, other members of the EU, namely the Germans, have been calling for Greece to selling historic buildings, artworks and islands.

“I am sad – selling off your islands or areas that belong to the people of Greece should be used as the last resort,” said Makis Perdikaris, director of Greek Island Properties. “But the first thing is to develop the economy and attract foreign domestic investment to create the necessary infrastructure. The point is to get money.”

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  1. Randy E. C. says:

    Please send me more information on all the islands you have for sale that have some development already done on them. ie: home, cabansa ect:

    Thank you,
    Randy E. C.

  2. Rita Love says:

    Please send me information on your Ilands for sale. Brochures, photos & only islands which have fresh water. Distance from mainland and other such info, including the legalities of such a purchase involing a USA citizen.
    Thank you,