Kevin Costner’s Oil Cleaning Machine

Actor and Company create effective oil cleaning machine

Seventeen years ago, Actor Kevin Costner funded a new company dedicated to finding better ways of dealing with oil spills without using chemicals.

After searching through the public library, he discovered a device that was already being used to remove radioactive materials from metals. He found the same centerfuge device could be used to seperate 99% of the oil from water.

Today, barges off the Louisiana coast have asemebled 26 of his new devices, and have finally ‘won’ BP approval for open water testing on the spill.

Its been a long a long road for Costner, who partnered up with Ocean Therapy Solutions (OTS) to develop these drum shaped machines. They have been tested and refined and found to be an extremebly effective way to deal with these spills. Costner campaigned to make them manditory for oil rigs to have at ready, in the case of just such an emergency.

Costner and his comapny also are financing a documentary about the disaster to keep BP honest about the clean-up. New Orleans trial lawyer, and chief executive of Ocean Therapy Solution, John Houghtaling quotes:

“Kevin warned oil companies seven years ago they needed technology like ours, but they said another Exxon Valdez scale disaster could not happen again. This devastation is potentially far worse, and Kevin wants to make sure the oil companies do not slacken off their efforts after the media leaves”

Costner's Oil Machine

The Machine

The drum shaped machines can suck up 200,000 gallons of oil and water a day, and seperate it using centrifugal force. The machines have finally been approved and could be deployed as early as this week.

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