Sustainable solar energy in the heart of Dubai

Dubai Solar Air Conditioning

Solar Powered Air Conditioning becomes a reality

Dubai of the United Arab Emirates has the largest population and is the second largest emirate by area, after Abu Dhabi. Like Las Vegas, it is bustling city catering to tourists that also happens to reside in the middle of a large desert. Energy can be hard to come by and the scorching heat is unrelenting.

Swedish company CimateWell makes it a practice to find new ways of creating a sustainable energy supply in nearly any environment.

In 2004, Dubai broke records by purchasing the world’s largest air conditioning contract for Dubai International Airport. Today, ClimateWell has installed the first ever air conditioning system that is completely powered by solar.

Solar Duabi

The system was installed for worldwide welding equipment company USAB, putting the new building in the top five for the Middle East’s greenest buildings.

Global Whisperer’s Take:

Companies such as ClimateWell are truly an inspiration. With a mantra of doing whatever it takes to make a sustainable energy supply possible, they specialize in unique cooling and heating technologies.

Typical air conditioning systems use an enormous amount of power. Replacing a family’s air conditioning with a ClimateWell system can reduce a family’s CO emissions more than 10 times as much as trading in a conventional car for a hybrid.


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