Whaling Quota Proposal Faces Rough Waters

Whaling Morocco

A week long debate in Morocco strives to settle and find compromise to the ending of the whaling moratorium with new legislation, that would provide tighter control and smaller quotas for whaling.

The proposal as it is now is extremely polarizing, as it would sanction commercial whaling in the Southern Ocean, in an current whale sanctuary, and into the North Pacific and North Atlantic.

However, it would also require an almost cessation of Japan’s Antarctic program, although it remains unclear weather Japan would accept such a requirement.

The draft proposal, which was actual created as much as two months ago, offers an annual quota of 400 minke whales, going down to 200 after five years.

Japan’s practice of hunting under the guise of scientific research would also be restricted, whaling would be dubbed only for domestic use, and international trade would be banned. It still remains unclear weather Japan and Australia will fold to international pressure and accept the agreement.


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