Designer of the McLaren aims to Revolutionize the Auto Industry

T.25 McLaren

Rethinking Cars and the Manufacturing Process - with F1 supercar designer Gordan Murray

The designer of the McLaren, which has a top speed of 240 miles per hour, has unveiled several previously secret project, with the aim of revolutionizing the auto industry. One of these projects, he’s dubbed the T.25, a new class of city car.

The T.25 has been three years in the making, and kept under tight wraps, until this week.

The T.25 is less than eight feet long and a little over four feet wide. Its got a top speed of 80 mph. The T.25 has a gas engine that gets about 74 miles per gallon, and its electric cousin, the T.27 has a range of 80-100 miles, but costs about twice as much (the T.25 is starting at $9,000, $18,000 for the T.27).

Inside the T.25

Inside the T.25

Gordan Murray, the designer of the McLaren and T.25, unveiled his latest design at UK’s Smith School of Enterprise and Environment in Oxford. The T.25 looks a lot like the smart car from the outside. The interior though, is groundbreaking. The dash is a slick configuration of intuitive controls that wraps perfectly around the human form, everything in its perfect place, much like one would expect from a designer who’s previous project was the F1 supercar the McLaren.

Part of what also makes this new city car so revolutionary is the manufacturing process, an entirely new concept designed by Gordan and dubbed “iStream.”

“iStream” is “a complete rethink and redesign of the traditional manufacturing process which simplifies the auto assembly line by allowing all major components to be fitted directly on to the chassis prior to the body panels, which are also pre-painted.” says Gordan.

iStream will change the way cars are manufactured

The new process would allow auto manufacturers to be smaller and more efficient, reducing their overall carbon footprint. Holger Erker, director of the German engineering consultancy, says of iStream, “It is the most radical change in, let’s say, the last 100 years of car body making. With “iStream” one of the most cost intensive production steps — body panel press shop — is completely eliminated,” Erker told GlobalWhisperer.

The process also allows the T.25 to be available in a range of body types, including van, pickup, truck, taxi and police cars. The T.25 is officially on sale this month, and the company has already been approached by 15 potential clients based in 12 different countries.


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