Drug Czar of the Caribbean Apprehended


Drug Czar Jose Figueroa

Junior Capsula, the top drug lord of the Caribbean, was captured Saturday in a high-speed chase through the neighborhoods of Santurce a sleepy village in San Juan Puerto Rico.

Like Pablo Escobar, Agosto has a vast accumulation of jewelry, property and exotic cars.

Known as the Pablo Escobar of the Caribbean, Junior Capsula, who’s real name is Jose David Figueroa Agosto, was apprehended while wearing a blonde wig. He looked fitter and healthier than his mugshots from the 90’s, when he went to San Juan jail. He also made efforts to lighten his complexion by staying out of the sun. In 1999 he escaped from San Juan jail. He fled to the Dominican Republic, where he resumed running his drug trafficking network. He was arrested twice more, but released when several politicians began lobbying for his release. He was arrested again, and escaped for a second time, returning to Puerto Rico.

Agosto’s drug network originated from criminal ties in Colombia and Venezuela. Cocaine was then loaded into speedboats to make the run to Puerto Rico for distribution. He was the most wanted person in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. He was also wanted by U.S. authorities for passport fraud and unlawful flight to avoid prosecution.

Like Pablo Escobar, Agosto has a vast accumulation of jewelry, property and exotic cars.

Said Dominican authorities:

“He appears to have been working out and exercising to lose weight, but (also) to gain muscle mass,” Santiago said. “He appears different from the mug shots. He looks younger and slimmer. He’s been taking care of himself. We have information that he’s been working out and trying to stay in shape, to endure the stress of being on the run.”

Authorities discovered a laptop filled with aliases during a bust in March of this year. Since then any and every tip was followed up. He was discovered to own a fleet of luxury cars and a ranch.

Then Saturday, July 17th at 11am, Agosto was apprehended with his right hand man, Sobeida Felix Morel. The pair enjoyed a lavish existence of fine dining and exclusive living conditions, and led police on a high speed chase that lasted several hours. A private yatch was also raided, believed to be owned by Agosto’s organization. Authorities are working to establish the whole blueprint to Agosto’s operation.

“Capsula’s days on the outside are over. El cárcel here is the best in the world.” says one Puerto Rican authority.

“Everybody knows who I am,” Agosto told federal agents when they asked him his name. If convicted, Agosto is facing life in prison.


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  1. Jack says:

    Figueroa Agosto is a f***ing cockroach.

  2. Matt says:

    Agreed – the hurt and pain he has through caused is unforgivable.