Drug Trafficking Submarine Siezed in Ecuadorian Jungle

Drug Submarine

Authorities in Ecuador have seized a fully functional drug-trafficking submarine deep in the Ecuadorian jungle. The 100 foot, twin screw diesel submarine marks a giant leap in drug smuggling evasion technology.

“This is the first seizure of a clandestinely constructed fully operational submarine built to facilitate trans-oceanic drug trafficking,” the Drug Enforcement Administration said in a statement.

Drug Submarine

Covert Shipyard on Estuary Deep in the Ecuadorian Jungle

The sub was decked out with periscope and air-condition system. It was found in a sophisticated shipyard right next to an estuary several miles from the Colombian border. The compound contained ship building facilities and living quarters for approximately fifty people. The sub had yet to make a voyage when agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration, working closely with Ecuadorean authorities, sized the vessel.

“Traffickers historically employed slow-moving fishing boats, sail boats, pleasure craft go-fasts,” said Jay Bergman, Andean regional director for the administration. “The advent of the narco-submarine presents new detection challenges for maritime interdiction forces. The submarine’s nautical range, payload capacity and quantum leap in stealth have raised the stakes for the counter-drug forces and the national security community alike.

The population of the United States is the largest user of illegal drugs in the world.

Drug cartel violence is on the rise in many parts of southern and central America. Violence plagued the recent elections in Mexico, and many towns exist in fear of corrupt police and the violent ruling cartels.

The population of the United States is the largest user of illegal drugs in the world, with one in six citizens claiming to have used cocaine in their lifetime. 90% of cocaine found in the United States is grown in Colombia.


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