Four Arrested in South Africa Dirty Bomb Scare

Gas Station in Pretoria, South Africa

A high-risk operation by the Hawks' specialized tactical unit resulted in an international police sting at a Pretoria petrol station. Four men were arrested. Photo: CCTV footage

Four men were arrested Friday at a Gas Station in Pretoria, South Africa. The men were trying to sell highly radioactive material suspected to meant for use in a dirty bomb.

The men were apprehended in an international police sting, arrested while in possession of Caesium-137, which was going to be sold for about $6 million. Rumors of a larger device in possession of the thieves surfaced, and Interpol, the worlds largest international police organization, is still trying to find the larger device, if it in fact exists.

The four arrested will soon face charges of possession of a radioactive device, as well as health code violations for having radioactive material in public.

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