June Hottest Month On Global Record

Global Heat

Global Heat Record for the Month of June

Last month was the warmest June on land since scientists began keeping track in 1880. Average temperatures beat the 2005 record by .11 degrees C.

According to the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, continents beat average temperatures, many breaking current records, all over the global. For global ocean temperatures, June was the fourth warmest on record.

The biggest spike in average heat was experienced in Eastern Europe, prompting bikini sunbathers in Kolomenskoye park in Moscow and forest fires in Russia and the Czech Republic. In Germany, the national rail system Deutsche Bahn broke down several times, trapping passengers in temperatures reaching 122 F (50 C), for hours.

Finland reported a 75-year record of 93.5 F (34.2 C) as stores quickly ran out of air conditioning units. Various cities on the eastern seaboard of the United States experienced power-outages.

Russian Heat Wave

AP – A man swims in a fountain outside the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia, Friday, July 16, 2010.

While the news is shocking, it is not exactly unexpected. Judging by land temperatures, June was the fourth consecutive month or record heat.

An el Nino condition in the Pacific is contributing as well. Coupled with cooling conditions in the Atlantic, the combination could mean a strong hurricane season in the Gulf of Mexico. The month of June also represented a record low for sea ice levels.

“This is important, because sea ice reflects incoming solar radiation back to space,” said Meteorologist Taylor Ward. “Without the normal extent of sea ice in the Arctic, we can expect more radiation to be absorbed into the ocean, leading to more melting. It’s what we call a ‘positive feedback.’”

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