5 Amazing Locations for the Global Traveler

Suqatra Island

Socotra Island

Dragon Tree of Socotra Island

Just off the coast of Yemen, you’ll find the little island known as Socotra. It has been described as the most alien-looking place on the planet.

Socotra has been isolated biologically for millions of years, with about a third of the plants and animals are found only here. The isolation of the island, along with its fierce heat and drought have brought about spectacular flora.

The Dragon’s Blood Tree, an odd, umbrella shaped tree that yields a thick red sap known as dragon’s blood, which was used for many medicinal purposes, as well as in many paints.

As recently as last year, a new species of gecko was discovered on the island. The Hemidactylus Inintellectus or “misunderstood” The nocturnal creature is not alone, as twenty-three other species are endemic to the island.

Hell’s Door, Turkenistan

Door to Hell - Turkenistan

Door to Hell - Turkenistan

Deep in the Kara-Kum desert, in Turkmenistan, just north of Iran, a team of Soviet prospectors drilled into the ground, looking for natural gas. Upon drilling, they hit a large chamber, which subsequently collapsed on itself, into crater about 70 meters wide. The story goes that instead of risking a natural gas build up, the gas was ignited and has burning ever since. What appeared to originally be only 25 meters deep now appears to have a constant flow of fuel emitting from places deep below in the earth.

The glow can be seen from up to a mile away at night. The locals have named this placed “the Gate to Hell” The spectacle at night is truly fearsome, the inside of the crater has sense been charred black and the heat build up is such that it is only possible to stand at the edge for a few minutes.

Mount Sanqingshan China

Mount Sanqingshan China

Peace and Tranquility Surround this Mountain

Many of those that have seen it, describe the small valley near Shangrao in China as the most peaceful and tranquil place on Earth.

Located fifty miles north of Yushan, Jiangxi Province, its made of three main summits. The Chinese phrase: 三峰峻拔、如三清列坐其巅 – (Three steep peaks, like the Three Pures Ones, sit the summits. Three Pure Ones references the three highest Taoist deities.

Scattered with waterfalls, pools and springs. The diverse granite formations and tree figures are described throughout Chinese culture. In 2008 the area was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Maldives

The Maldives

Richest Marine Life in the World

An Island Nation in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the chain of islands is spread over an area of roughly 90,000 kilometers. The average ground level of the island chain is about 1.5 meters, making it the lowest country on the planet.

Ship passage is only possible at the southern end of the natural coral barricade that makes up part of the Maldives atoll. The limited vegetation and wildlife is made up for by the wild diversity of marine life.

The Sailing Stones of Death Valley

Death Valley Race Track

Sailing Stones of Death Valley

Also known as The Racetrack, this isolated part of Death Valley, California, is not accessible by any paved roads. Its isolation means not many have seen the phenomenon that occurs here, an occurrence that baffles scientists even today.

Stones here move slowly throughout the year, leaving clearly visible tracks in the mud behind them , some of the rocks suddenly change direction, moving at sharp angles in a seemingly random dance around the desert floor. Several explanations have been offered to explain the bizarre behavior, including the freezing of water during the occasional rain here, mixed with the blistering heat propelling the rocks, some of which are 200-300 kilograms, but many remain unconvinced.

Death Valley Racetrack USA

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