Jackson returns to find abandoned Hobbit set invaded

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Unused Hobbiton becomes the perfect sheep-shelter

Peter Jackson retured to “Hobbiton”, of the beloved Lord of the Rings Trilogy, only to find his abandoned set-turned-tourist-attraction invaded by a flock of sheep.

The herd took up residence of the Hobbit homes shortly after filming Rings the trilogy was complete. The sheep appeared so at home amongst the houses built into the hills, that they’ve been incorporated with the tour. Every year, hundreds of tourists journey to the abandoned set near the small agricultural town Matamata, nestled at the foot of the Kaimai mountain ranges.

Now Hobbiton is being prepared once again. The prime minster of New Zealand John Key has announced that production of “The Hobbit” will stay in New Zealand, after doubt was cast due to a union scuffle with Jackson’s production crew.

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Martin Freeman, best known as Tim from The Office, has been cast as Bilbo Baggins, and seems the perfect fit for the role.

Most of the hobbit houses were left generally intact, only plastic and facade elements removed after filming wrapped. Left empty, this sheep herd found shelter during the occasional downpour, and have now become permanent residents. With filming set to resume, Jackson has promised the sheep will be treated with the utmost respect and given temporarily shelter during shooting.

hobbit peter jackson bilbo sheep

Built right into the mountainside, the sustainable Hobbit-House stays cool in the summer heat and warm come winter

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