Swedish Scientist Breakthrough with Jellyfish MilkShake

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In the wake of China’s clampdown on elements like titanium, scientists at Chalmers University in Sweden have developed their own means of generating energy at the nano (that is sub-atomic) level, partially by placing thousands of Aequorea victoria yellyfish into a blender and extracting the green florescent protein (GFP) to create miniature fuel cells.

GFP to be grown using bacteria, thus avoiding the pulverization of the poor creatures.

Thankfully, after the initial weeks of study, a method was developed that allowed the GFP to be grown using bacteria, thus avoiding the pulverization of the poor creatures.

The discovery however, has potential to be huge. Nanotechnology, primarily in medicine has made leaps and bounds in recent years, but one sticking point is the powering of devices on the sub-atomic level. The popular “Gratzel cells” currently used in many cases, require expensive titanium (that readers here will recognize is become all the more scarce these days)

Blended Jellyfish Chalmers

Now using enzymes such as the GFP protein, says Zackary Chiragwandi at Chalmers University (the jellyfish milkshake school) we can generate a current measuring “tens of nano amperes” Scaled up as material in times energy out, this would appear to be more efficient than most existing solar cells.

Biological Fuel sells have been coming up a lot in the news lately. Check out the work Pong BioFuels has been doing with algae next to St Mary’s Cement Inc.

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One Comments to “Swedish Scientist Breakthrough with Jellyfish MilkShake”
  1. Faith says:

    Titanium must be scarce cause the medical devise makers. I have $60.000 dollars worth in my back. Don’t tell anyone where I live please. Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me. The huge titanium fusion my doctor put in there went bad and I can’t go back into surgery to have it fixed, Thank you Medtronic and my back surgeon! I’m screwed for life.

    It is great that you have found a way to keep from pulverizing the jellyfish. Any other reason titanium is so scarce? I just wonder.