Bluefin Tuna on the Brink


Overfished and Extinct by 2012?

Latest estimates from the World Wildlife Fund indicate the bluefin tuna fish will be completely extinct as of 2012.

a black market for bluefin totaling $4 billion…

The international Committee for the Conservation of Atlantic Tuna will meet in Paris this week to try to make progress where the UN failed last spring, to label the bluefin “endangered” to avoid extinction, and possibly halt all fishing, until accusations of corruption are resolved.

A just released report from the International Consortium of Investigative Journalist details a black market for bluefin totaling $4 billion, with much of the focus on Japan.

The report is rife with findings of fraud, illegal trading and forged documents. Apparently over one third of all bluefin caught in the last decade was fished illegally.

With limited power, one major goal of the conference will be to get member nations to rally to protect the fish.

A Look Around the Globe

Denmark’s commissioner of Maritime Affairs has called for significant reduction in bluefin harvesting.

The E.U. is undecided over fishing limits on the blue fin.

The U.S. has officially taken no action to protect the bluefin.

To sign a petition urging tight restrictions on fishing and support for bluefin protection visit

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