Canadian Company Reduces Energy Cost 91%

Canadian Green Company

VeriForm's carbon footprint has gone down 45%, about 233,000 kilograms per year

Ontario, Canada – Manufacturing company VeriForm reduced their energy cost, practically overnight, by 91%. The company invested $46,000 in several energy saving areas, and now the reduced heating cost saves the company $89,000 every year, or a projected 1.42 million over the next 10 years.

VeriForm Owner Paul Rak

VeriForm Owner Paul Rak

How Did They Do It?

Veriform invested in 42 different energy saving projects. All lights were changed from HID to T5 fluorescence, and retrofitted with motion detectors to assure empty rooms weren’t being lit for no reason. Adjustments were made to the cutting process so that it happened more efficiently. Also, VeriForm discovered massive heat loss occurred when the delivery doors were left open, so the doors were given timers to automatically shut. Finally, all thermostats were turned into one programmable modal, making it easy to adjust for evenings and weekends.

Many of these projects paid for themselves in less than 2 weeks, others became profitable on average after just 6 months.

VeriForm’s carbon footprint has gone down 45%, about 233,000 kilograms per year.

Says business owner Paul Rak, “Getting into the green sectors is for us an extension of the greening of our company. Not only have we reduced our carbon footprint but we are also participating in the new green economy.”

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VeriGreen was launched to assist other companies in finding savings through energy efficiency projects. It is an independently owned Energy Management company that was founded as a direct result of Veriform’s “greening” experiences in 2007-2008.

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