Chevron Cyber-Attacked for Years of Environmental Damage

Chevron Disaster

A pool of oil in Lago Agrio, in the Amazon where Chevron dumped millions of gallons of contamination in local rivers and lakes in order to save the company money.


The Rainforest Action Network and the Yes Men attacked Chevron with a spoof of their “We Agree” campaign.

In a mock statement from Chevron, the Rainforest Action Network said:

“For decades, oil companies like ours have worked in disadvantaged areas, influencing policy in order to do there what we can’t do at home. It’s time this changed. People in Ecuador, Nigeria, the Gulf of Mexico, Richmond, and elsewhere have a right to a clean and healthy environment too.”

Texaco, which eventually was acquired by Chevron

Anyone who follows Chevron’s behavior overseas knows the company has not gained an international reputation because of strong community development and renewable energy efforts. Chevron dumped (intentionally) almost 19 billion gallons of toxic waste sludge into northern Ecuador’s Amazon rainforest in 1992—it was one of the worst environmental disasters in history, yet the corporation has never taken responsibility for the damage or its cleanup.

It’s not just Ecuador—the company is accused of human rights abuses and environmental violations in Nigeria and elsewhere. Visit to read more about the beef environmental groups have with Chevron, or to learn about actions you can take to help get them to clean up the mess.

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For more information on what can be done to hold Chevron accountable to the communities it has destroyed please visit

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