Iran May Have Missiles from North Korea, Cables Posted by WikiLeaks Show

 Julian Assange

Founder of the WikiLeaks website, Julian Assange

In a scrambling PR campaign, the U.S. government is notifying many of its allies that the upcoming WikiLeaks release of sensitive diplomatic files could damage relations with allies around the world. The U.S. is concerned about their own diplomats being removed from foreign postings.

The leak documents are also believed to contain criticism of the untouchable Nelson Mandela, further placing the U.S. in a diplomatic hole

It wasn’t all just U.S. embarrassment via WikiLeaks this time around. Communications between Iran and North Korea also released by the website appear to indicate that Iran may now be in possession of missiles they purchased from North Korea.

Given North Korea’s recently discovered missile program, not entirely surprising, but cause for alarm certainly. In a world of shared technology, keeping long range missiles such as the BM-25 out of the hands of those deemed unworthy or untrustworthy seems an impossibility, effectively ending the, ‘you aren’t allowed to share our technology’ diplomatic stance.

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Iran obtained 19 advanced missiles from North Korea, potentially giving the Islamic nation the capability of attacking Moscow and cities in Western Europe, according to embassy cables posted by and provided to the New York Times.

U.S. officials denounced the release, coming on the eve of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s departure for a security conference in the Persian Gulf, as jeopardizing U.S. ties with foreign governments and endangering individuals. WikiLeaks began posting the cables yesterday.

The 19 North Korean BM-25 missiles, based on a Russian design known as the R-27, might give Iran the “building blocks” for producing long-range missiles, according to a Feb. 24 cable posted on WikiLeaks. The cable didn’t provide specific evidence, according to the Times, which agreed not to publish the document at the Obama administration’s request.


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