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Harmony Prince of Wales

The answer to our problems, Prince Charles says, requires a philosophical shift in perspective

We’ve lost touch with our world, says the Prince of Wales.

As consumption grows across the globe and resources dwindle, its easy to look at the entire sum of problems and feel discouraged.

We hear about new technologies; solar arrays, wind farms, and electric cars but often they seem slow on the uptake. We look around the crowded freeways, gaze over acres of clearcut forests, and watch as smoke steadily billows from the factories across the way.

In Harmony written by the Prince of Wales, its suggested that we’ve lost touch with our core beliefs that allow us to see the world as our ancestors saw it. The answer to our problems, Prince Charles says, requires a philosophical shift in perspective. Taking a more balanced view of nature that acknowledges humanity’s impact.

He writes, “If people are encouraged to immerse themselves in Nature’s grammar and geometry they are often led to acquire some remarkably deep philosophical insights.”

Prince Charles

'the stakes could not be higher'

This simple statement is backed again and again by modern science. Studies talk of the healing power of listening to bird song, or wind rushing through trees, opposed to the damage of noisy city life. Designers learn to take many cue’s from nature, tracking the sun with solar arrays as a flower would. The Prince of Wales proposal, or ‘call to revolution’ as he puts it, is to take in some of this wildness. There’s a place for it in the modern world, without a complete fall into reductionism.

“Smallest steps make all the difference” , a motto in the offices here, and with this change in perspective monumental change is possible. Its understanding a little more of nature’s balance, even if its just spending the morning in a garden or an afternoon alongside the river.

Replace what is missing, the Prince says, and change can truly begin.

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