Exactly What is Julian Assange Being Charged With ?

Julian WikiLeaks

An arrest, questionable motives and a fight against extradition

Following the arrest of WikiLeaks creator Julian Assange yesterday, many media outlets have glossed over some important details, namely, the charges and evidence brought against him.

Victim Julian Assange

Involuntary Governmental Disclosure

Assange has not been formally charged with anything as of yet. Possible charges against him have been suggested as rape, sexual assault and/or sexual molestation.

A UK editorial by Richard Pendlebury entitled “The Wikileaks sex files: How two one-night stands sparked a worldwide hunt for Julian Assange” details the case made against Assange.

Pendlebury concludes that the charges being considered by Swedish authorities “simply don’t ring true.”

“There is scant evidence — in the public domain at least — of rape, sexual molestation or unlawful coercion.”

The timing of the arrest clearly smacks of political motivation, amidst new waves of sensitive disclosures. The fact that the UK had to dive into Assange’s sexual pass in a feeble attempt to stop Assange shows just how desperate they are and how well orchestrated Assange’s performance has been.

Despite their efforts, Wikileaks continues, serving as a counter balance for any government that claims to be ‘for the people’ yet makes back-room deals and plays political chess with people’s lives.

The arrest and efforts of several governments to stop Assange has also brought a wave of backlash across the internet, with several major credit card websites cyber-attacked and disrupted yesterday.

Many are thirsty for the answers and transparency Assange provides. Other’s just want to watch the classic bond villain fights the system and brings the wrath of several governments down upon himself, just eluding capture so he can bring another wave of forced governmental disclosure.

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