Luxury German Automaker Designs Poland’s New Recyclable Subway Cars

The BMW of Subway Cars

Poland Showcases The Future of Subway Cars... As Designed By BMW

Set for deployment in 2012, BMW has been quietly designing the world’s most modern subway car in Warsaw, dubbed the Inspiro.

The Inspiro makes several improvements over typical subway cars, with a dash of BMW’s elegance. Each subway car is made from 98% recyclable material. An ultra-light weight aluminum chassis allows the subway to run on less energy, which equates to less energy usage. The new cars are projected to reduce Poland’s subway energy allotment by 30% the first year they go active.

Warsaw BMW Subway

Handholds are lit from above, and shaped like tree branches

Inside, great care has been taken to create lighting the soothes passengers. Climate control is on demand per car. Doors are made extra wide, and cabins are designed to be spacious and sleek. Handholds are lit from above, and shaped like tree branches, in keeping with the green theme. Braking is electrodynamic, reducing noise and particle emission.

The Inspiro comes to us from the hard-working engineers at BMW Group DesignWorks, which is an independently operated BMW Group based in Los Angeles, Singapore and Munich. Warsaw has ordered 35 of the cars for a stepped up deployment in 2013, although the very first Insprio cars should be running in 2012.

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