Shanghai Hotel Created With Recycled Vintage Suitcases

URBN Hotel Shanghai

URBN - the first of 20 design-centric, carbon-neutral properties to be developed in China over the next five years

China’s first carbon-neutral hotel was unveiled in Shanghai last week. What do we mean by carbon neutral? The URBN Hotel is developed from 100% all local materials, such as reclaimed brick, reused wood from old houses, and vintage leather suitcases.


Amenities include in-room acupuncture and 24-hour room service

All energy usage throughout the hotel is tracked by a central management system, including staff commutes, room service, energy bill etc, to calcite a URBN’s energy footprint. The hotel will then invest in emission reduction projects through China to offset that number.

URBAN is to be the first of twenty design centric properties developed around china in the next five years. This flagship project is located in the heart of vibrant Shanghai, so enjoying 24-hour room service or in-room acupuncture was never so enjoyable or guilt-free.

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