In the wake of disaster: Oysters begin cleaning the Gulf

oyster clean gulf

Filtering out water toxicity at an unprecedented rate

Along the coast of Alabama, location of the worst oil spill disaster in United States history, over 500 volunteers have gathered to begin a restoration project of massive proportions. The solution is more simple than you might think. Oysters, nature’s vacuum cleaner.

Its called the 100-1000 project, and it came about as a result of the collaborative work of four nature conservation organization: the Alabama Costal Foundation, Mobile Baykeeper, the Nature Conservancy, and the Ocean Foundation.

An adult oyster can filter roughly 20 to 50 gallons of water a day.

The idea is to create 100 miles of oyster reef in the region, and 1000 miles of replanted marshlands. The oysters have an amazing benefit on the water quality, filtering out toxins. An adult oyster can filter roughly 20 to 50 gallons of water a day.
oyster reef gulf

The cleaner water leads to more seagrass growth, creating new habitats for fish. The reefs themselves also stabilize the shoreline, protecting from erosion and hurricane damage.

Volunteers came from all around, to lay 16,000 bags of oyster shells along the shore, the catalyst allowing reefs to take hold, and giving the oysters a favorable living environment.

If you want to get involved, checkout the100-1000 project

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