Have it Your Way – Four different engine styles for 2012 Focus

2012 Ford Focus

The 2012 Ford Focus will be offered in four different styles; hybrid, plug-in hybrid, gas-powered, and an all electric. The electric model is expected to hit US markets this year, and available in Europe in later 2012.

expected range of about 100 miles and a top speed of about 90 mph

Ford’s four style strategy for the Focus was made possible by an almost $600 million investment in its Michigan Assembly Plant, allowing them to run multiple models down the same production line without any significant downtime during changeover. The upgrade of the assembly plant also included a solar power generation system, and a fleet of electric trucks to shuttle parts between adjacent facilities. There are also plans for additional solar energy systems to be installed later this year.

The all-electric version of the focus is expected to use LG Chem batteries, and have a range of about 100 miles and a top speed of about 90 mph, although official specs aren’t available yet.

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