Music Saves Boy From Wolf Attack

Norway Heavy Metal Wolves

Endangered across much of Scandinavia

Norway – While walking home from school last week, Walter Eikrem stumbled across four wolves who began to circle the 13 year old boy, blocking his path.

If Walter had run, it would have likely triggered the wolves chase instinct, which may have ended badly. Instead, Walter pulled out his cellphone, turned the volume all the way up, and played the wolves a selection from heavy metal band Megadeth. The wolves decided they had somewhere better to be and scattered.


Creed Saves Boy From Wolves

Creed Saves Boy from Wolves?

Initial reports that Walter played them a ballad from ex-rockers “Creed” appear to be false. As the story created international buzz, it was speculated that Walter might have adjusted his musical preference to avoid ridicule, but a local expert pointed out that subjecting wolves to Creed’s “Overcome” would have most certainly provoked attack.

Of Wolves and Men

A wolf hunter in Hasselforsreviret, Sweden

A wolf hunter in Hasselforsreviret, Sweden

Norwegian wolves are nearing the brink of extinction as humans and hunters increasingly encroach on their territory. They are officially “red listed” which means they are acknowledged as endangered but the Norwegian government is still issuing limited hunting licenses.

In Sweden, when populations were reduced to 237 in the 60’s, a hunting ban was implemented. Last year, the Swedish government began approving licenses again, releasing 6,747 hunters to kill 20 wolves, which caught the attention of the European Union.

European environment commissioner, Janez Potocnik released this statement:

“The actions of the Swedish authorities leave me with little choice other than to propose to the commission that it begin formal proceedings against Sweden for breach of EU law.”

For now, Sweden and Norway both struggle to strike a balance between the potentially dangerous encounters like Walter experienced, the outcry from hunters, and the protection and preservation of these beloved creatures.

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