Supreme Council Cracks Down on Texting Monks

Thai Buddhist monk on Blackberry Thailand

Monks told to stop by the Supreme Council - No more Angry Birds - Photo by: Craig Ferguson

Thailand’s Buddhist Sangha Supreme Council has warned monasteries across Thailand to crack down on Monks texting with their BlackBerry smartphones in public.

Hindu monk with all the essentials

Hindu monk with all the essentials

The Sangha Surpreme Council issued the order after several newly ordained monks were caught texting and utilizing BlackBerry chat at a time that the monks should have otherwise been spiritually “on duty”.

“The secretariat has sent circulars to all levels of monastic chiefs to instruct and ensure that Buddhist monks and novices under their supervision will not act improperly in terms of technology usage” said Amnart Buasiri, director of the Buddhist Supreme Council.

In 2009 it was estimated that there were approximately 251,997 monks and 69,907 novices in Thailand, although these levels are decreasing due to the growing availability of free education. Even children from extreme poverty ridden areas are offered 15 years free education by the government.

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