Whistleblower Publicly Exposes Julius Baer to WikiLeaks, Promptly Arrested

Rudolf Elmer publicly exposes Cayman Island Bank Julius Baer

Rudolf Elmer handed over alleged evidence of Cayman Island bank corruption Monday, and was promptly arrested two days later

Rudolf Elmer as again been arrested by Swiss police for releasing details on rich tax evasion to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Last Monday, Elmer held a news conference in London attacking banks such as Julius Baer Bank in the Cayman Islands, then dramatically handing over two CD cases to Julian Assange, and announcing a documentary on the history of the Julius Baer Bank, of which Elmer was formally a head banking official.

This has all happened before

Elmer previously bellow the whistle on the same bank shortly after leaving it in February 2007, resulting in him being fined, and the bank petitioning Dynabot domain registrar of WikiLeaks to remove the DNS records from its servers. Wikileaks was taken offline, allowing Julius Baer to bury their dirty laundry and making wikileaks.org inaccessible for about a month until a judge lifted the injunction.

Then this Wednesday, Zurich police arrested Elmer citing the conference and supposed transfer for records that could jeopardize Julius Baer and their affluent clients.

Julius Baer exposed by Wikileaks

Cayman Islands, paradise mixed with the largest hedge fund hideout, medical insurance fraud and criminal tax evasion stronghold

Blowing the whistle on the wealthy

Elmer has stated he is working to expose tax evasion by the wealthy. He was able to avoid Switzerland’s strict secrecy laws did not apply in the Cayman Islands, where Elmer worked for eight years, at his first arrest in 2005, he avoided jail time and was simply slapped on the rest with fine of about 6,000 Swiss francs.

Attacking WikiLeaks appears unpopular

Regardless of Rudolf’s motives for the whistle-blowing, there are clearly issues that need to be addressed with Julius Baer and similar banks in the Cayman Islands. By attacking WikiLeaks as a whole, Baer brought the stoked the public’s ire, who generally view WikiLeaks favorably for its exposure of criminals worldwide and human rights abuses in China and in countless other areas.

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