Tribeca Film Review – UNIT 7

Tribeca Film - Unit 7

Unit 7 (Grupo 7) is a Spanish film depicting the drug war waged by the local government of Seville, Spain against the rampant narcotics trade which gripped the city in the 4 years leading up to the World Expo of 1990. As one of the city’s less than stellar police units struggles to make a difference in the face of overwhelming odds, its youngest member hatches a scheme to beat the drug-dealers… by being better than them at their own game. And as the group begins to amass attention and public acclaim for their phenomenal success rate, the difference between doing wrong to do right and just doing wrong becomes harder to separate. Outstanding direction and writing by Alberto Rodriguez. Co-written by Rodriguez and Rafael Cobos and a strong lead performance by Mario Casas (“Neon Flesh”) as the anything-but-angelic Angel.

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