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Ornamental Foxes

Ornamental Foxes is a collaboration between Washington, DC-based visual storytellers Jenna Crowder and Keith Lane, to tell those stories that create more hope and positivity in the world.

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Jeff at Ecotico
So, here I am in Costa Rica “Off the grid, off the ground and out of this world”. I have been living off the grid for 2 years and have learned much. When I lived in the U.S.V.I. I was living in one of the first eco-resorts. It was there that I became aware of reclaiming water, solar power, 12v batteries, small scale sewage treatment and many other environmentally friendly ideas. When I moved to Carate in Costa Rica I learned even more and put my skills to use.


Watchful Eyes, Thoughtful Mind
Earth and Us – Past, Present, and Future – Connected?


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